Why to choose SD Built for your next home project

When you want to undertake a special project, like creating a stunning wood doorway, building some functional, yet beautiful wood steps, or erecting a fine wood deck, you want it done correctly. You want a work of superior quality done by highly skilled tradesmen, and that is why SD Built is a good choice for carpentry work in and around Melbourne.

Our Team

The directors of SD Built make up a team of 10 well-trained carpenters who deliver only superior work with top-shelf materials. We are professionals who chose carpentry as a trade because we loved it, and we pride ourselves on the durability and exceptional craftsmanship that shines in each and every project we build. 

Our History

With more than 15 years of Carpentry Services provided by SD built and 40 years of carpentry experience, it is no wonder that we have built some of the most expensive homes in Melbourne. We have over 100 renovations and over 1,000 new home builds under our belt. This is how we have earned a fine reputation among the area's most respected builders and clients.

Our Area

Most of SD Built's work has been done in the SE suburbs of Melbourne in places like Toorak, Kew, Camberwell, and Canterberry. However, we are not at all limited to these areas. Just call SD Built, and we will work something out.

Our Services

Carpentry Services provided by SD built include new builds, renovations, extensions (including bathrooms), pergolas, decking, as well as wall cladding, frame, lockup, and fix, and project management. We do small projects, large projects, and all the projects in between. We understand that each project is unique. We listen to your special requirements, and we take utmost care to make sure not even the tiniest detail is overlooked.

We Do New Home Builds

Of course, we do new home builds, homes large and small, wildly expensive and moderately inexpensive. We build it all with utmost pride.

We Do Home Renovation and Extension

There are many reasons why choosing renovation and extension over a new build is sometimes the way to go. It costs less, and it's less trouble and upheaval. It increases your home's value, making it a secure investment. An extension could be the answer to a need for privacy. Renovation and extension could also pull more functionality out of your existing home. Renovation and extension can add daylight and ventilation. It can add an art studio or extra bedrooms for new family members, guests, or renters. You can add a game room, a music studio, or a home theater. You could even create that chef's kitchen of your dreams. We have what's important. We use the most talented electricians, and this, plus Carpentry Services provided by SD built ensures fine workmanship.

We Do Custom Decks

Timber decking creates a versatile place near your kitchen and restrooms, where you can enjoy the outdoors. On a beautiful timber deck, you can grill, visit with company, or simply sunbathe without worrying about stepping on uneven terrain or something you cannot see in the grass. You can go read on the deck or go there for privacy to write. What's more, decks add value to homes.

We Do Custom Pergolas

A pergola is a passageway, shaded walkway, or sitting area of vertical posts or pillars that support a sturdy open lattice with cross-beams. A sophisticated home in Melbourne will have a gorgeous, well-designed, and well-maintained pergola. Whether built from a wisteria design, arbor design, joined wall design, extra-fancy porch design, or a minimalist design, pergolas add value to your home, making them an investment. Also, while every home design is different, you can add window-box and container planters. We do holiday decorating and lighting, fall cut-back, spring garden cleanup, pruning of all kinds, cultivating, and fertilizing.

We Do Bathroom Renovation and Extension

Bathroom renovations and extensions can separate the selling and not selling of your home when you're ready. A bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house when it comes to selling, and renovating or extending your bathroom can make all the difference.

SD Built is the place to call when you need Carpentry Services in Melbourne. When you want the best carpenters in Melbourne, Contact SD Built. We'll use our meticulous eye for detail for you. See our work on Instagram @sd_built_projects.

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