Top Bathroom Renovations

One of the best ways to add value and comfort to the home is by remodeling periodically. The best approach is to do this every seven to ten years. This process helps ensure you have the latest materials and fixtures that make a bathroom more convenient and enables you to increase your home's value. If you've considered taking on a remodel project or think it's time for a change, consider these top bathroom renovations. They can help you get the best return on investment and allow you to fully enjoy your space or even sell your home for more money when you're ready. 

Replace Old Showers

One of the first things that individuals look for when buying a home is the shower. While some prefer a tube, they will still focus heavily on the shower. A shower is the prominent fixture in any bathroom and therefore deserves some extra attention from people considering a remodel. The most popular type of shower right now is those with glass stalls and some kind of stone or tile on the back wall or the edges. They are open and have plenty of space for moving around and relaxing. The more expensive versions have seating inside the shower and top-quality showerheads providing great water coverage and optimal water pressure. Some have multiple shower heads focusing on different angles. Some popular materials for the interior walls include subway tile, small tiles with designs, and natural stone. It might be a pricey investment upfront, but it will be well worth it once the work is complete and elevates the value of the home significantly. 

Large Bathtubs

If you have plenty of space in your bathroom, you might consider installing a large soaker bathtub. Many people find these types of installations highly attractive. If you already have an excellent shower installed, this is a great bonus that not only provides extra comfort in the space but can also sway a potential buyer who's on the fence about making a purchase. There are many price points and styles to choose from when shopping for larger tubs. Make sure it's in line with the bathroom style and shower, so the space looks like it flows and has a good feel. 


The flooring in the bathroom tends to have more wear and tear than in other areas of the home. That's why you should take the time to consider replacing the floor and keeping it updated. The latest trends highlight using wood or synthetic wood flooring in lighter or gray tones. The use of natural stone tiles or even glazed clay tiles is a good choice. Be sure to keep the floor neutral and avoid busy patterns or bright colors. Many bathrooms had colorful tiles with flower prints, contrasting designs, or patterns a few decades ago. Today, these designs date a bathroom and make it unappealing by today's standards. Investing the money to update the flooring impacts comfort, modern appeal, and value. 


The vanity in the bathroom makes a big statement. Spend the money on updating the vanity and invest in one that provides some storage and appeals to the eye. Choose understated colors and match or appropriately contrast the other colors in the design scheme. One thing to look for when choosing a vanity is the quality of the materials—choosing wood that lasts and stands up to wear and tear and moisture is a good idea. You can also select some natural stone for the sink, such as marble or granite, for a more refined appearance.  


If you bought an older home and the bathroom is outdated or haven't been remodeled in some time, now is a great time to get started on that project by reaching out to SD Built bathroom renovators in Melbourne. Take the time to invest the money and see better results by increasing the home's value. This is especially beneficial if you plan to sell in the near future. Whether or not you sell it, you can still increase the comfort of the bathroom space and have a private oasis to enjoy when you want to unwind or relax. The benefits of bathroom renovations make it worth your time and effort.

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