Small House Extension ideas

Best House Extension Ideas

One of the best ways to make your existing home larger and more user-friendly is by adding an extension. Maybe you own an older home that was built with lots of walls that make it appear smaller or you only have one bathroom (and want to make it bigger) or need more bedrooms. Some people have a hard time imagining what a home could look like with an addition, while others have big objectives that might not be practical. Finding the best house extension ideas is a great way to brainstorm what to do with your home.

Reconfiguring Your Home

For homes that have plenty of space but just aren't arranged well, reconfiguring is an excellent option. Removing doors, hallways, or non-loadbearing walls can open up rooms, allow in more light, and give more access to a beautiful view. Kitchens are often built with separating walls that take away from the openness of the area. Closed floor plans were once very popular as heating issues required separate rooms. 

Matching The Rest Of The House

With older homes, it can be difficult to match the current materials and colors. It may be advantageous to use complementary or contrasting alternatives if you can't exactly match what is currently in the house. If you decide to attempt a match, consider the roof line, materials originally used on the outside of the home, and other design elements. 

Front House Extension Ideas

There is nothing more charming than a front porch. Picture white rockers or adirondeck chairs with accent tables, plants, or perhaps a porch swing on either end. For a more modern look, choose a trendy charcoal floor tile with natural wood accents. If you are looking for something less expensive, a gabled covered area above the front door adds curb appeal and protection from the rain while opening the front door. 

Front house extension ideas also include a garden or sunroom. These additions are great to add natural light and allow for a look at the outside scenery.  Plant lovers can fill these with all their indoor favorites to provide beauty and oxygen to the home. The space can be used for reading, relaxing, or enjoying coffee in the morning sunshine. 

Extending a Kitchen

There is nothing worse than a small, crowded kitchen or one without enough cabinet space. Bumping out a window in the dining room will allow for a new dining area so that the old one can be used to add space to the kitchen. Replacing cabinets, counters, lighting, flooring, and adding a big island will make your kitchen renovation complete. 

Enlarging a Master Bedroom and Bath

In earlier years, the master bedroom and bath were not always the luxurious spot it is now. Home owners may decide to improve the master suite to give it a spa-like feel. Adding on to your home gives you the square footage to expand the master bedroom with a sitting area and a bath complete with a double vanity, garden tub, and sumptuous shower. Replace the back windows with french doors that open to a patio area with a private hot tub.

Need Home Office Space?

With so many people working from home these days, it isn't a surprise that home office spaces are a popular extension these days. It is vital to your success to have a dedicated space. Also, did you know that your home office space may be a deduction on your tax return? Consider adding a built-in desk and bookshelf to avoid having to buy new furniture. Complete the look with some chairs and an accent table. Before you know it, you will be ready for the work day!

Go Up!

A second story allows more space without using up your surrounding property for your extension. Adding an upstairs space gives you the opportunity to add bedrooms, bathrooms, or a bonus room area for games, TV, or movies. A garage apartment is a great way to create a space for a mother-in-law, college student, or a place you can rent out for a little extra income. 

If you are looking for front house extension ideas or enlarging your space, contact SD Built to ensure that your home renovation is done the right way the first time. Don't keep living in a cramped space or doing without the space you need to have friends and family over. Get started today!

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