Pergola Design and Maintenance Services

Pergola Design and Maintenance Services

Light and airy, yet private and secluded, pergolas have hit the height of popularity over several years. Initially seen in 17th-century Italian architecture, these unique structures were once used in gardens to form arches and trellises. After losing interest in the 18th and 19th centuries, pergolas are now available in various styles, colors, and materials. Australia features some of the best pergola design professionals in the industry. 

Pergola Design Pre-Planning

While adding a pergola will unite the architecture and landscape, it is essential to plan how this will happen. Pergolas are an excellent investment to add value to a home or for enjoyment for years to come. Some things to keep in mind before designing your pergola include:

  • The budget is probably the most crucial aspect of planning. The last thing anyone wants is to realize the project is too expensive or that corners need to be cut halfway through construction. Setting a budget and choosing options that work within those confines will result in a well-constructed, appealing, long-lasting product.
  • Selecting a material is vital to the strength and durability of your outside space. While beautiful and rustic, a wood pergola must be built from rot and insect-resistant material or treated to make it so. Remedy this problem by using more exotic wood like cedar or redwood. Metal designs call for rust-proofing, while fiberglass and vinyl may crack and fade over time. Moisture is also an issue, so the material should be non-porous. Stone or brick columns establish a stronger foundation.
  • Orientation is an integral part of pergola design. The direction affects the way the sun falls on your pergola area, so consider this too. 
  • Many cities have required specifications, inspections, and approvals. Check this out before you start work on a pergola. 

Ideas For A Backyard Pergola

From the most uncomplicated style to the more intricate, a pergola provides some shade and a designated space for guests and family to gather. It can attach to the home or be a separate entity. Pergolas are appealing around pool areas, right out the back door, or in the middle of the garden. Here are some suggestions for a backyard pergola:

  • Build a pergola to join the sides of the house and the garage for a neat meeting area. Add pavers, chairs, and a fire pit for a welcoming, warm atmosphere. 
  • Put a small pergola over the hot tub to provide privacy and shelter.
  • Use solar shading panels on top of a pergola to shield the house from the sun and bring your electric bill down. 
  • A pergola built by the pool is the perfect place for outdoor seating for birthday parties and a place to rest after a vigorous swim. With a table and chairs, lunch is served to wet guests, avoiding trapsing in and out of the house.
  • Climbing plants growing on a pergola create a quiet oasis off the back of the house. Add some outdoor lighting intertwined in the beams and voila, entertaining is inviting and easy!
  • Enclosing a balcony area in the city means you can grow your plants and relax in your own space away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
  • An outdoor kitchen or fireplace complete with a pergola top means your backyard is festive and ready for a party!

Maintenance On A Pergola

The amount of maintenance a pergola needs depends on the material and the location's weather patterns. Wood pergolas traditionally need to be cleaned and restrained about every three years. If not restained, a cedar pergola will weather naturally to a gray color. Pergolas made of vinyl are relatively maintenance-free but should be cleaned every couple of years with warm water and the garden hose. An aluminum product is easy to clean with a hose and a long-handled brush. If mildew accumulates, a bristled brush and vinegar mixed with baking soda should cover the problem. For wood mildew cleaning, use a blend of oxygen bleach, vinegar, and a bucket of water. 

SD Built features over 40 years of carpentry experience. With 100+ renovations completed, our customers trust us for quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service. Call us today to get your new pergola started: 0403-227-427. 

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