Gum staircase design ideas

Are you looking for different types of gum stair design ideas for a small home or commercial property?  Every gum staircase design begins with extensive knowledge and engineering. First, you need to consider the staircase's placement — is it at the front or back? What is the intended application? Different components directly impact the convenience and functional usage of gum staircases. It is also important to note that the area of the building or house occupied by the gum staircase is deemed unusable. As a result, it is essential to have staircase ideas for a small home that have a purpose. Below are different types of gum stair design ideas, as well as their advantages.

 Straight gum stairs

Straight gum stair design ideas also include half landing and quarter landing designs. As a rule, the number of treads in a single straight flight in a gun stair design shouldn’t exceed 16.

Straight stairs have the advantage of being the effortless to traverse, popularly referred to as climbing and descending. They are also the simplest to build. There is no need for midway support within the construction because you only need connections at the top and bottom.

 L-shaped or quarter landing gum stairs

This is a variety of the straight gum staircase that includes a curve in one section of the step. In the gum stair design ideas for the interior, we accomplish the bends using a landing, normally 90 degrees, although it does not have to be in line with these constraints. Furthermore, the landing does not have to cut the staircase in the middle. We refer to it as a long L-shaped stair if it is closer to the bottom or top of the stairs.

Quarter landing gum stairs have the advantage of being more visually appealing. They provide a visional barrier between the top and bottom floors, allowing for some seclusion between them. Designers consider quarter landing gum stairs safer compared to straight stairs because they have fewer stairs to tumble down in one flight.

 U-shaped or half landing gum stairs

U-shaped gum stairs are two parallel stair flights joined by a landing with a 180-degree turn when descending or ascending. The allure of these stairs is that they offer more than just a break in a long flight of stairs; they can also serve as a deliberate place in the home's architecture. This space can be used for window seats or bookshelves to exhibit prized collections. A spacious landing boosts aesthetic attractiveness and fosters respect for staircase design.

U-shaped gum stairs are easier to include in most structural designs or architectural plans; the U-shaped gum staircase is more compact because it inhabits a shorter but wider ground area compared to straight flight gum stairs.

 Winder gum stairs

Winder gum stairs are a type of quarter landing staircase; however, instead of using a level landing, winder gum stairs have a triangular or pie -shaped transition at the corner. They also have a 90-degree and 180-degree turn with a wedge-designed tread. When space is limited, winder gum stair designs can be utilized instead of the L-shape staircase design.

Winder stairs have the primary advantage of taking up less space compared to other forms of stairs. Winder staircases are regaining popularity in modern homes, and their compactness makes them attractive in most home designs.

 Curved or arched stairs

Most homeowners love using this elegant gum staircase design is mostly used in the entry area, giving visitors the best initial impression. Curved or arched gum stair designs have a significantly greater radius and rarely make a complete circle. Although the two variants are not similar, most homeowners use these variants interchangeably.

The graceful and historic design of arched steps can be adapted to contemporary designs. The arched staircase is a time-honoured design. Furthermore, if the radius is large enough, they are simple to mount and descend.

 Spiral gum stair design

A spiral staircase has treads that exude from a central pole. They are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in areas where space is limited, such as lofts, decks, or studios.

 Gum stair Staircases are a terrific unifier. There are endless possibilities of showing off your class and flair by integrating utility and fashion irrespective of design style. Remember to take your time to acknowledge the exquisiteness of the gum staircase design you chose when designing your next staircase, whether residential or commercial. At SD Built, we have carpenters, draftsmen, and more. Our team of gum stair professionals can answer your questions, review your concepts, and help you get started on your different types of gum stair design ideas.

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