Backyard deck ideas for small yards

A small backyard doesn't mean you can't make the most out of your outdoor area with a new deck. You just have to be smart about it.

You can extend your entertainment and relaxation space with thoughtful, well-planned backyard deck renovation ideas for small yards that ensure you create the perfect outdoor space, while complimenting your house as well.

Making it fit

You will first want to think about the best location for the deck. Consider the current natural flow of your house, how the interior space flows onto the outdoor space. Is there a sliding or panel door that opens onto the backyard that can serve as the connection between the spaces, even if it has to be redone to accommodate the design? Ideally, you've already got a natural entry point to the backyard that can serve as your entrance to the outdoor relaxation and entertainment area. If not, you'll want to add a door that doesn't conflict with the traffic established in your house, such as awkwardly crossing existing dining space, for example, or reducing kitchen cabinet space to add an opening to the backyard. The idea is to consider backyard deck renovation ideas for small yards that add a natural extension of your home and don't detract from the current space. They should allow you to expand your house's usable square footage.

Keeping it simple

Once you've determined the best location, think about what backyard deck renovation ideas for small yards will work best for your property and your house. Be honest about what's possible and what's not in that limited space. Keep your designs simple and easy because, really, there is not enough space here to get too complicated with octagon shapes, even pentagons. Maybe just a small seating area and a space for grilling, or a circular deck with seating along the perimeter surrounding a grill or fire pit in the middle of the space. One option to consider for a deck area that is close to the ground: You can line it with bench seating along the edges, giving you more natural space to relax while allowing other space on the deck for a cooking or entertainment area, maybe even add that private place to sunbathe that you've always wanted.

Making the most of it

Next, you need to make it all real. Get the measurements down, decide just how big (or really, how small) your new deck will be. Decide what shape will work best in the dimensions. But remember, keep this simple, using square or circular shapes. That will make the most out of the limited available space you have. You can access design ideas for small spaces online once you know the measurements. Most deck manufacturers and home improvement stores offer ideas on how to renovate backyard deck and design tools online that you can use to sketch out plans for your limited space. Their deck renovation ideas and design tools even come complete with fit-to-scale versions of outdoor furniture and grill equipment to help you visualize how best to use the available area.

Taking advantage of what's there

Whatever you design, you should be thinking how it all ties in to the rest of your house. It is important to stick with the same structural and design elements of your house so that your new deck compliments the property and doesn't look out of place. It's a great way to add appeal, and maybe even value, to your property if you find yourself looking to sell in the not-so-distant future. Think about colors and other materials that coordinate with your existing home exterior. Also, make sure to take advantage of what your outdoor space naturally has to offer. For example, if you've got big, shady trees covering part of the backyard, design the deck to get the most use out of them so that the space can be enjoyed without interference from a particularly harsh sun. If you have no shade in the area, you may want to consider adding an overhead canopy that can accommodate greenery or plants that can help create a shady space for you to enjoy the deck throughout the year.

You can hire a professional contractor who can help you design your small outdoor space with a new deck that will serve your family and friends well through the years. It's worth the investment to make the most out of your property. 

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